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Gluten-Free diet may have health benefits for IBS sufferers.

Recently we had a relative with IBS try our bread, just on the off chance that it would help her gut deal with the stresses and challenges of her holiday travel through British Columbia. She reported back a couple of weeks later that the bread sat really well and that her IBS symptoms had improved.

Last week reported on researchers’ findings at McMaster university in their forum article. This research found it was possible to predict through testing which IBS sufferers would benefit the most from a gluten-free diet. Interestingly they also found that sufferers could expect improvement even by cutting back on gluten without cutting it out completely.

At first it might seem counter intuitive that a bread like our Brown Flax Bread could help, but it is not an unusual thing.  Our breads are made with flax and psyllium fiber.  A recent article in the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders webpage wrote, “A gradual increase in dietary fiber can modify, improve and, in some people, eliminate the abnormal bowel habits and painful symptoms associated with IBS.” So, gluten free or not, the moderate increase in fiber could help.

We were very happy that our relative got some relief on her holiday.  If you suffer from IBS, reducing gluten in your diet might help.

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